Zinc with
Cinchona Bark

Rainforest Wildcrafted


  Biofilms… a Virus’s Deadly Disguise

  Most of us have never heard of a biofilm, but biofilms are thin coatings that cover and conceal many types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, allowing them to spread throughout our body, undetected by our immune system. No matter how strong your immune system is, it cannot attack what it cannot see.

Breaking down biofilm is our first goal.

  Amazingly, nature provides an array of plants and nutrients that can dissolve and remove most biofilms. Over 10 years ago, LIDTKE began the study of biofilms. Today we are introducing what we believe are three of nature’s best biofilm scrubbers, all in one capsule. 



LIDTKE zinc is chelated to produce small, organic molecules that pass easily through the digestive tract and are gentler on the digestive system.



Responsibly harvested from the rainforest, LIDTKE’s red cinchona bark contains approximately 5% Quinine. Quinine is recognized as a blood thinner.



Belongs to a group of protein-digesting enzymes. These enzymes are valuable in digesting the protective film around a virus, leaving it exposed and vulnerable.

Maintaining a strong immune system…

along with a unique and carefully-targeted defense, now may be the surest way to protect our health.
Be prepared and be healthy… backed by the LIDTKE guarantee.

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