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   Many coat themselves with fibrin, escaping detection by your immune system. Super Immune takes a unique approach… working to dissolve this protective coating and sharp spikes that a virus uses to attach to a cell.

   LIDTKE designed Super Immune to be your best defense during the worst seasons.


   LIDTKE brings together many well-known and proven ingredients to give you the best natural defense available in a capsule.

Super Immune



Bromelain belongs to a group of protein digesting enzymes extracted from the fruit or stem of pineapple. [1] These enzymes have proteolytic properties, meaning that they help break down proteins into smaller units known as peptides. [1] These same enzymes are valuable in digesting virus. The entire infectious virus particle, called a virion, consists of the nucleic acid and an outer shell of protein. [2]

In vitro and in vivo studies have suggested that bromelain is an effective fibrinolytic agent as it stimulates the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin, resulting in increased fibrinolysis by degrading fibrin. [1]


The native North American coneflower, used by the Great Plains tribes for over 400 years, has become a popular natural supplement to alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu. However, echinacea has been used for decades to combat viruses, particularly respiratory viruses, prior to the antibiotic generation. [3] Currently, the strongest evidence comes from studies of Echinacea purpurea or the purple coneflower.

 In addition to possessing potent virucidal activity against several membrane containing viruses, echinacea also showed positive results in virus-induced pro-inflammatory responses in cultured epithelial cells from the lungs [3] Echinacea supplements may also possess selective anti-bacterial and immune modulation activities that might also contribute to their beneficial properties. [4]


Vitamin D has long been recognized as essential to the skeletal system.[5] Newer evidence suggests that it also plays a major role regulating the immune system, perhaps including immune responses to viral infection. [5] Interventional and observational epidemiological studies provide evidence that vitamin D deficiency may confer increased risk of influenza and respiratory tract infection. [5]

The recent discovery that vitamin D induces antimicrobial peptide gene expression explains, in part, the ‘antibiotic’ effect of vitamin D and has greatly renewed interest in the ability of vitamin D to improve immune function. [6] Subsequent work indicates that this regulation is biologically important for the response of the innate immune system to wounds and infection and that deficiency may lead to suboptimal responses toward bacterial and viral infections. [6]


…is abundant in Polyphenols, Bioflavonoids, Resveratrol, Vitamin C and other nutrients. An all natural fruit & berry blend, containing acerola, cranberry, blueberry, maqui berry, strawberry, and amla berry.

Support your immune system, skin and eyes with this potent form of natural vitamin C. Visit our Berry-C page for a detailed description of the individual fruits and berries contained in Berry-C and how they may affect your health.


The olive tree is known as the Tree of Life. The use of the products derived from the olive tree on human health dates back centuries. [7] In several civilizations, the olive tree had and still has a very strong cultural and religious symbolism. In particular, the polyphenols present in olive leaves, olives, virgin (unrefined) olive oil and olive mill waste are potent antioxidant and radical scavengers with anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. [7]

   One of the active ingredients in olive leaf, Oleuropein also possesses a well-documented antiviral activity. [7] Studies have also shown that oleuropein exhibits a significant antiviral activity against respiratory syncytial virus and para-influenza type 3 virus [8]. In light of the unique combination properties of oleuropein (Table 3), it looks like we should “go back to the future” and continue to exploit this key dietary component of the Mediterranean diet to promote human health. [7]


You probably know that it supports vision through its precursor beta-carotene, but you may not know of its even greater role in strengthening and regulating the body’s immune system. In the last two decades, considerable evidence has emerged that vitamin A plays an important role in immunity to infectious diseases. [9]

   Vitamin A was initially coined “the anti-infective vitamin” because of its importance in the normal functioning of the immune system. [10] The skin and mucosal cells, lining the airways, digestive tract, and urinary tract function as a barrier and form the body’s first line of defense against infection. [10]


While most zinc supplements aren’t easily absorbed and may cause gastric upset, LIDTKE zinc is chelated to produce small, organic molecules that pass easily through the digestive tract and are gentler on the digestive system.

LIDTKE has partnered with Albion, who developed an exclusive technology that mimics the body’s natural chelation process, producing readily absorbable organic chelated minerals in supplement form. [11] Albion’s mineral amino acid chelates that are both chemically validated through our patented testing method utilizing infrared (FT-IR) fingerprinting, as well as clinically validated through published clinical research. [11]

   This study compared the oral bioavailability of Albion’s zinc bisglycinate chelate with zinc gluconate in a randomized cross-over study in 12 female volunteers. [12] Study results show that zinc chelate was safe and well tolerated. Compared with the gluconate, the oral bioavailability of zinc chelate was 43.4% more bioavailable. [12]


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Super Immune




   Fast Acting – Schools, airplanes, gyms, restaurants, parties… you never know when or where you will need the strength and immunity to stay healthy.

   Because viruses are so clever at survival, many escape detection by your immune system by coating themselves with fibrin. Super Immune takes a unique approach… working to dissolve this protective coating and dissolve the sharp spikes that a virus uses to attach to a cell.*

   LIDTKE’s synergy of nature’s immune nutrients include Olive Leaf, Vitamin D3, Echinacea, Berry C and more proven ingredients. Super Immune combines science and proven healing traditions to help fortify your health… no matter the season.*

   No added gluten, soy, yeast, wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, salt, peanuts, fish, shellfish, artificial color, artificial flavor or preservatives. Non-GMO.

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DIRECTIONS: Suggested Use (Adults): Take two (2) capsules twice daily with water (avoid sweet beverages). For increased support take two (2) capsules 3 times daily or as directed by your doctor.


  • Vitamin A (as natural beta-carotene)
    (with alpha-carotene, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin)
  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
  • Zinc (as zinc bisglycinate)
  • Copper (as copper bisglycinate)
  • Molybdenum (as molybdenum glycinate†)
  • Bromelain (2,400 GDU per gm) (from pineapple stem) (Ananas comosus)
  • Echinacea purpurea extract (root) chicoric acid, standardized 4% (12 mg)
  • Olive leaf extract (olea europa) oleuropin 20% (60 mg)
  • Berry-C (all natural fruit and berry blend high in polyphenols, bioflavonoids, resveratrol, and vitamin C)
  • Boron (as boron glycinate)
  • Vegan capsule (plant-derived hypromellose, water).

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor. Discontinue use if adverse reaction occurs. Do not use if seal is damaged or missing. Keep lid tightly closed. Keep in a cool, dry place.

   Thank you for choosing Super Immune by LIDTKE. We sincerely wish the best of health for you and your family.


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This product contains no added gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, milk, dairy products, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sugar, perservatives, artificial color, or artificial flavor. Non-GMO.

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