Ease Minor Pain & Feel Good with Healthy Endorphin Level Maintenance*

LIDTKE® EndorphiGen® contains key ingredients to help promote the production of the body’s natural endorphins. These natural endorphins address:

  • Cheerful mood*
  • Physical comfort*
  • Cardiovascular function*

Endorphins are nature’s way to relieve common pain and promote a cheerful mood. Research shows that endorphins are released in response to pain and stress, bringing relief.

The second wind and runner’s high during and after a vigorous run are results of endorphins. Acting as an analgesic and sedative, endorphins diminish our perception of pain. This natural response relaxes your mood, achiness, and is critically important to your health and peace of mind. But there is more.*

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Recovery centers report that endorphins promote recovery from a wide variety of unhealthy cravings.* Furthermore, medical research now suggests that the well-known cardiovascular benefits of exercise can only occur when your body has adequate endorphin levels.*

LIDTKE® EndorphiGen® is designed to help your body maintain these healthy, comfortable levels.*

A key ingredient in EndorphiGen® is D-Phenylalanine (DPA), which is sometimes confused with L-Phenylalanine. The problem, as we see it, is that L-Phenylalanine works to increase blood pressure, and higher blood pressure tends to increase the perception of pain.* Research demonstrates that only D-Phenylalanine promotes comfortable levels of endorphins, helping you to go about your daily life.*


Additional Product Info

This product contains no added gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, milk, dairy products, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sugar, perservatives, artificial color, or artificial flavor. Non-GMO.

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