Ava and the Angels

The Yellow Butterfly
Date: 9.26.2014
By Heather

For many years I kept having the same repetitive dream about my ex boyfriend that had passed in 1999. He was trying to touch my hand, but could not get to it. I felt like he was trying to tell me something at the same time, that he did not take his life, somebody else had. Very strange but true.. I would wake up every morning this happened with tears pouring out of my face.

Eventually, after about 4 years of this happening, when the same dream came, he actually touched my hand and told me that he was ok. When I woke up that morning, I did not have tears, I had that feeling of awww and utter peace within my heart.

After that night, I have not had anymore dreams about him but every year when his birthday comes along, something ALWAYS reminds me that it is his special day. This year the morning of his birthday, I woke up, not even remembering it was his day and gathered my things to go to work and as I dropped my daughter off at school, I pulled out out on the main street and all of a sudden a beautiful yellow butterfly appeared right in front of my windshield. Instantly I stared at the butterfly in the most beautiful way and it told me that it was his birthday and that is when I knew he was around me at that very moment.

Throughout the entire day of his birthday, I saw yellow butterfly's everywhere. It was the most touching and spiritual experience that I had encountered. I am almost certain that he is one of my guardian angels looking over me.


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