Ava and the Angels

Ava's story
Date: 8.15.2014
By Heather

Last night Ava had a sore throat so I doctored her up by giving her cough drops, a spoon full of honey, two Hylands children cold tablets and a little amount of Tylenol. She insisted that she wanted to go to the mall the next evening to see the animals at the Rainforest Cafe, so I told her she had to get well before I could agree to her going. (so she wouldn't get other kids sick)

As her and I laid in bed I told her that I would tell her an angel story to help her fall asleep. The angel story consisted of a similar story of a little girl that was sick that wanted to go to the mall. In the story I told her that when the little girl went to bed that an angel came and fixed the little girls throat so she was healed. At the end of the story, Ava fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning, I gently woke Ava for school and asked her how her throat felt... She replied back "Fine". I didn't hear any resemblance of the same rasp voice as I did the night before. I told her "See the angels fixed your throat".. She looked at me with a big smile and jumped up for school.

Later in the day, I called her school to see how she was feeling. They informed me that she was doing great and didn't even know she was sick the night before.

**Miracles Happen**

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