Ava and the Angels

The Yellow Butterfly
Date: 9.26.2014

For many years I kept having the same repetitive dream about my ex boyfriend that had passed in 1999. He was trying to touch my hand, but could not get to it. I felt like he was trying to tell me something at the same time, that he did not take his life, somebody else had. Very strange but true.. I would wake up every morning this happened with tears pouring out of my face.

Eventually, after about 4 years of this happening, when the same dream came, he actually touched my hand and told me that he was ok. When I woke up that morning, I did not have tears, I had that feeling of awww and utter peace within my heart.

After that night, I have not had anymore dreams about him but every year when his birthday comes along, something ALWAYS reminds me that it is his special day. This year the morning of his birthday, I woke up, not even remembering it was his day and gathered my things to go to work and as I dropped my daughter off at school, I pulled out out on the main street and all of a sudden a beautiful yellow butterfly appeared right in front of my windshield. Instantly I stared at the butterfly in the most beautiful way and it told me that it was his birthday and that is when I knew he was around me at that very moment.

Throughout the entire day of his birthday, I saw yellow butterfly's everywhere. It was the most touching and spiritual experience that I had encountered. I am almost certain that he is one of my guardian angels looking over me.


Solider with wounded Iraqi girl
Date: 9.15.2014
By Ron
picture of solider with little girl
His Money
Date: 9.1.2014
By Ron

A few weeks before, I had been driving along Baseline Blvd. when I came to a stop light by the I-10 freeway in Arizona. I noticed a man with one leg and a primitive crutch, in worn-out clothes, standing at the corner opposite me. He was holding a typical cardboard sign asking for help. As I watched him, I got the feeling that he would be a good candidate for some charity, but he was across the street, and the light was about to change. I made a vow in my mind that if I ever came by that corner again, and if I was in the left lane where he was standing at the corner, and if he were there at the right time, I would give him something.

I rarely came that way, though, so I forgot about my vow. My office was near another freeway off-ramp a couple of miles south of the off-ramp where the one-legged man was standing, and I automatically would take the off-ramp to my office. I had taken the same turn at least one thousand times and could do it in my sleep.

One afternoon, I was driving north on the freeway and pulled over into the slow lane to take my office off-ramp, and suddenly the scenery changed. It took me a second to re-orient myself and figure out where I was, and I realized I was about one-half mile further north on the freeway, along a stretch with lots of electronic billboards.

I was past my off-ramp now and was trying to figure out what had happened. It had never happened to me before in my entire life, but I had read enough religious literature over the years to know such things can happen. There were no other off-ramps until Baseline Blvd. so I kept driving wondering what serious reason there could have been for missing my turn. I couldn't think of anything at all, and so I shrugged my shoulders and resolved to turn off at Baseline and make a U-turn and go back to the office, where I was originally headed.

As I came down the off-ramp, the light was red, and I was the first car in line in the left-turn lane. As I came to a stop, there was the one-legged man, and he looked at me like he recognized me and hobbled over. I looked at my console, and there was some money sitting there, and I knew, as though I was being told, it was his money - it belonged to him, not me. I rolled down the window and gave it to him, with the usual show of appreciation, and I had a great sense of having served some Holy purpose. I knew something had been completed, and I never saw him again.

Mail-Man Angel
Date: 8.21.2014
By Heather

Early this week, I called my Health Food Store that I service, "Hills Health Hut" in Jefferson City, TN.       and when I was speaking with Ginny, she told me the story about her granddaughters son, Eli. Her granddaughter, Stephanie was at home playing with baby Eli, (who will be a year old on Saturday) when Eli started choking on a plastic wrapper... He had it lodged in his throat and could not breathe..

Stephanie immediately grabbed her son and opened her front door to run for help, but all of a sudden there was a man behind the door when she opened it... It was an ANGEL. Chris Brown, a mail man had been standing there at that exact moment and very second when she needed assistance from an angel.

The moment Stephanie and Chris's souls made contact, they didn't even need to say a word. Chris just grabbed baby Eli and started doing the Heimlich maneuver. Immediately Eli started breathing again and the plastic wrapper came out.

Now if this wasn't a miracle, I don't know what is....

This Saturday, Ginny will get to see her great grandson turn 1....

Watch a video of the story on CNN!

picture of Stephanie, Eli, and Chris Brown
Ava's story
Date: 8.15.2014
By Heather

Last night Ava had a sore throat so I doctored her up by giving her cough drops, a spoon full of honey, two Hylands children cold tablets and a little amount of Tylenol. She insisted that she wanted to go to the mall the next evening to see the animals at the Rainforest Cafe, so I told her she had to get well before I could agree to her going. (so she wouldn't get other kids sick)

As her and I laid in bed I told her that I would tell her an angel story to help her fall asleep. The angel story consisted of a similar story of a little girl that was sick that wanted to go to the mall. In the story I told her that when the little girl went to bed that an angel came and fixed the little girls throat so she was healed. At the end of the story, Ava fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning, I gently woke Ava for school and asked her how her throat felt... She replied back "Fine". I didn't hear any resemblance of the same rasp voice as I did the night before. I told her "See the angels fixed your throat".. She looked at me with a big smile and jumped up for school.

Later in the day, I called her school to see how she was feeling. They informed me that she was doing great and didn't even know she was sick the night before.

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