Advanced Extra Strength FormulA for Healthy Joints, Strong Ligaments & Tendons*

   ArthroCare is designed to provide your body with the building blocks to restore and strengthen your connectivetissue… without the side effects of glucosamine.*

   ArthroCare® is free of glucosamine or other simple sugars that, according to Japanese and U.S. researchers, may aggravate glucose intolerance and yeast overgrowth and inflammation.* Designed for sugar-sensitive individuals.*

   Joint-care products typically are 50% or more glucosamine, a simple sugar found in the cell walls of fungi. In this way, glucosamine contributes to yeast overgrowth. Those who take glucosamine as a remedy for joint pain sometimes find themselves fighting a fungal infection as well.*

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   In the United States, an extensive meta-analysis published in JAMA comparing chondroitin sulfate to glucosamine demonstrated the impressive superiority of chondroitin sulfate.* There is a dramatic difference between genuine chondroitin sulfate and imitation chondroitin sulfate.*

   According to one raw-material distributor in the U.S., imitation chondroitin has been sold by the ton. Apparently, some manufacturers overseas have formulated raw materials specifically to mislead laboratory tests, including USP tests.*

   Silica is one of several essential elements that complements chondroitin sulfate.* Silica is responsible for building molecular bridges in connective tissue that give your ligaments and tendons form and tensile strength.* Bio-available silica, though, is not easy to find. Of the many forms of silica we have tested, we have found only one form of silica that in our experience works quickly and reliably.* This form is an unadulterated, aqueous extract from the horsetail plant (Equisetum arvense) that grows in marshy regions.

   Silica products, on the other hand, that are spiked with synthetic silica in order to manipulate laboratory results may look impressive on paper, but probably do more harm than good.

   There are many important steps in selecting raw materials, and LIDTKE has spent 24 years learning how to select the finest. True bio-available silica seems to work quickly, so there is no need to wait months to see if ArthroCare® works.*

ArthroCare Extra Strength


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This product contains no added gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, milk, dairy products, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sugar, perservatives, artificial color, or artificial flavor. Non-GMO.

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