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TryptoGOLD, Lidtke's ultra-premium L-Tryptophan. Custom made by a natural fermentation process to far surpass pharmaceutical purity and safety standards. No other company in the world offers this extraordinary product.

At Lidtke we recognize the serious health concern presented by allergens like gluten, yeast, wheat, dairy, eggs, and artificial colors and flavors. All of our ingredients are certified by the manufacturer to be free of these common offenders.

LIDTKE supplements are sold in hundreds of locations across the USA, with an increasing global presence.

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LIDTKE is found in Pleasant Hill Grain, Chamberlin's, People's Rx, Erewhon, Kinney Drugs, Akin's Natural Foods, and many other stores.
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L-Tryptophan product bottle photo

Tryptophan versus L-Tryptophan,
what’s the difference?

If you ever played with tinker toys as a kid,If you ever played with tinker toys as a kid,
You probably got A’s in Organic Chemistry.

Tinker toys and a lot of memorization, that’s about all it takes. Let me give you an example. Take amino acids. All the amino acids that you find in food - and that’s all we care about right now - follow a simple pattern. The atoms stick together in four easy-to-recognize groups, and these four groups form an amino acid. Here’s the basic pattern:

Ava's diagram of an amino acid.

The blue tinker toy is a nitrogen atom. Nitrogen is everywhere, so it’s nothing to be afraid of… except when it is used in explosives and fertilizers. In fact, almost 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, and the other 20%, give or take, is oxygen, depending on where you live. (1)

Back in the time of the dinosaurs, in the Cretaceous era, when nuclear power plants were more tightly regulated, nitrogen was only about 68% and oxygen was a whopping 32% of the air, spawning the growth of giants of every sort: birds, fish, lizards, you name it.

Here's Ava teaching her first college course in organic chemistry.
Scientists were able to find pieces of amber, the resin from pine trees that hardens over time and traps small bubbles of air. These resin samples from the Cretaceous era were dated, and the air bubbles are changing our ideas of what made dinosaurs grow so big.(2)

Berry-C by Lidtke, Vitamin C with polyphenols

(N)ature’s brightly colored fruits and berries are primary sources for the health-enhancing polyphenols, bioflavanoids, and Vitamin C.

Berry-C brings you powerful nutritional support for your skin, eyes, and immune system with non-GMO vitamin C and whole-fruit grape and blueberry extracts, plus Pacific Northwest whole-berry concentrates of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and cranberry.

The freshly-picked berries are dried using a patented process with infrared light, rather than heat, which protects both flavor and the nutritional content of the unique ingredients.

We believe Berry-C is the most complete and concentrated blend of some of Nature’s most beneficial foods.

Berry-C may be taken anytime or mixed with smoothies or other health beverages.

Enjoy the many benefits of Berry-C today!

(decorative berry doodle)

… a true Premium Quality product by LIDTKE. Every ingredient is the result of the most careful attention to detail...

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Benefits of Tryptophan
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At Lidtke, we manufacture nutritional supplements that are kind to your body and your soul – using only the richest, cleanest natural ingredients that we test ourselves for impurities.

In everything we do, we strive to restore life and health, and we value and honor those who share our philosophy.

Our mission is to educate, enlighten, and share our knowledge base with everyone in our community, and we encourage all of our customers to do the same.

Many dream about making the planet a better place – only a determined few dedicate their lives to actually making it happen.

When it comes to nutritional supplements, there are hundreds of details that must be controlled to attain the highest quality, and as a manufacturer you truly have to believe in your work to spend decades refining the procedures and identifying the best suppliers needed to achieve such high goals.

We, at Lidtke, are a specialty manufacturer and in order to live up to our philosophy, we take the time to understand each ingredient so that we can discern small but important differences in quality.

As worldwide levels of radioactive nuclides, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, herbicides and GMO ingredients continue to increase, the challenge to live a healthy life, we believe, becomes a worthwhile priority.

Be well in mind, body, and spirit!

365 Day Guarantee
We Thought You'd Like To Know...

At Lidtke, we are concerned about contaminants, the kind of organic and inorganic chemical contaminants, including solvents, fumigants, and heavy metals, that you may find in foods or supplements.

A few of the chemicals identified include acetone, toluene, hexane, ether, 1,2-dichloroethane, ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and ethylene oxide. These chemicals may, unknown to the bottler or consumer, be used in manufacturing processes.

Generally, nutritional ingredients are tested only for a few contaminants, and the other, untested toxic solvents, fumigants, pesticides and herbicides can be hundreds of times higher than safety standards.

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The average consumer, in fact, would be surprised how often such solvents and other chemicals are used in the manufacture of “natural” products. Toxic residues such as these are more commonly found in low-cost nutrients because manufacturers can dramatically reduce their expenses by leaving out critical purification steps. Sorry to say, such residues seldom can be detected by consumers, and their illnesses, years in the future, may never be diagnosed.

These are the reasons why we believe it is important to work with respected suppliers of ingredients and raw materials – those who share our commitment to purity and safety. Please feel free to mail us your suggestions!

Get To Know Us

At LIDTKE we literally search the world for premium raw materials that even surpass pharmaceutical standards. Such attention to detail is seldom available through mass production; hence, we are a specialty manufacturer, and we are happy to take time with our customers.

We always are looking for new ways to improve and respond to our customers’ needs, so if you have suggestions,

please give us a call on our toll-free number: 800-404-8185,
or send an email to:

When we answer the phone, we are inviting friends and strangers, alike, into our home. We do not rush you out the door... so please feel at home to ask about our products and how we make them. We are proud of what we do, and we are here 8am to 5pm from Monday through Friday to help in any way we can.

Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm MST
International: +1 480 858 0502
3017 N Rockwell Blvd.
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
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